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Get Free of Sabotaging Habits


Change Your Brain with Awareness Therapy

Awareness Therapy forms the foundation of everything I do.  Being aware of your own thoughts and how they create the emotions that course through your body can stop any sabotaging habits.

Your own thoughts trigger your annoying habits!

According to some brain studies, language takes up 40% of your brain.  It seems like a lot of space right?  But that fact is the reason we homo-sapiens became human.  To get launched out of monkey-dom, we had to drop-kick a lot of the other fabulous qualities that other animals enjoy.  Can we smell like a dog does?  No.  Can we see like a cat?  No.

So pay attention to what your brain says to you.  A lot of times, your brain chats on automatic.  It’s playing tapes from the past. Sometimes, it’s something that your grandmother said to when you were young.  In my case, my grandmother used to say, “Stephanie?  You must have stood behind the door when they handed out the brains!”  Now I was the youngest of her four granddaughters at the time, and I was probably about five when she said that.  And because I was a child, and children take what adults say literally, I visualized myself in standing heaven’s “brain line,” but I stood behind the door, so I missed getting my own brain.   I was so upset!  Seems funny now, but not to that five-year-old!

So listen to what you say to yourself, analyze it and begin to change your own inner-monologue.  Or as you’ve heard me say, “Flip your brain from poopy brain to puppy brain!”  Get enthusiastic about your life and the time you’ve got left on the planet.

Because I do so many Past Life Regressions where clients see past lives where they just complained about the life they had, yet didn’t do a thing to change, when they looked back, they were really upset.

I don’t want that to happen to you in this lifetime.  Accept what you can’t change, but change what you can!  The point of power stays in the present so that you can change now.

If you need help, hypnotherapy can help you create new positive thoughts, beliefs, and habits that can change your brain and your life.

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