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Want a Different Future

Want a Different Future...

Re-Write Your Past!

People get “programmed” by events that happened in the past. Children make global assumptions about the nature of reality by what they experience. Sometimes those assumptions are so distorted that they damage and change the perceptions and the actual brain. Then all future perceptions are viewed through a distorted lens. It’s like the brain’s eye has cataracts.

Here’s a quick brain exercise I give my clients. Just for a moment, go back to a time where something upsetting or traumatic happened to you. Focus on it for just a moment. Notice what’s happening in your body.

Then imagine the same event in a completely different way. Give yourself a new experience from your past. Create love, abundance, joy, good feelings. Flip your brain from its default mode, the “poopy side,” to the brain’s enthusiastic “Puppy side.” That one action releases healing hormones!

Because your past is now different, you can create a positive future. You can create a future filled with love, harmony, and abundance.

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past-Life Regression can help unleash your happiness hormones!

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