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Become a Spiritual Master



People call me all the time wanting to get in touch with their own higher selves, their soul’s purpose – they long to become the spiritual master they are meant to be.  And they want it now!

I listen to them as they complain about their boyfriends, husbands, children, parents, jobs, and the life that stops them from really being that wonderful spiritual master.  Should they go to Tibet and sit on the mountain?  Take ayahuasca with a self-styled guru up in Topanga, Costa Rica or maybe a real shaman in Peru?  Maybe join a Burner Group next year?  Acid?  DMT?

Who knows?  But it might be better to start simply on that journey to being a Spiritual Master.

How about just taking a baby step, and decide to just be kind.  First, be kind to yourself.  Give up complaining to yourself!  (It’s actually a form of OCD!)  Stop criticizing your body, your life, your tortured past.  Everything in your life teaches you what your soul needed to learn.  As annoying as that sounds, it’s true.

If you’re complaining about your relationship, think of kind things you can do for your mate and see the results.  It’s amazing.  The kinder you are to people, the more they respond with love.

So if you want to be a Spiritual Master, then begin to think of your relationship as a Spiritual Practice.   And practice being kind and compassionate.

If you need help calming down your own OCD brain, Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavior Modification, and Past Life Regression can change your perspective and your brain.

Sending you love,



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