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Warrior Goddess Therapy

Warrior Goddess Therapy

The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing

Everyone’s getting stir-crazy, yes, and we all have cabin fever.  Life won’t go back to normal for a very long time, if ever.  From today’s news, it looks as if many more people here in Los Angeles have or have had the virus, and maybe that’s a good thing.  My sister, who had chemo for breast cancer five years ago, had it in January, and mercifully, she survived.

Some epidemiologists suggest that everyone will get Covid19 eventually.  Because of that, I’ve made a “Pop up your Immunity” MP3 that’s free.  Just go to my website and download it.

Studies prove that the placebo effect works more powerfully than drugs, so listen to the MP3 and get your immune system fired up and ready to do battle with this virus!   The trick is to believe.  You’ve got to get your whole self, your conscious self, and your subconscious mind to believe, in other words, you need to buy-in completely.  You need to think that you can heal yourself.  And that’s how Awareness Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Past Life Regression can help!

People reach out to me when they’ve lost all hope.  They tell me that they’ve done years of talking therapy, taken trips on LSD, mushrooms or ayahuasca. They’ve seen healers and psychics, and still, they’re not okay.  They’re exhausted, but they need help, and they want it now!

Last week, I saw (by Zoom) a client, Laura, whom I saw for the first time exactly a year ago.  A beautiful “blackish” lawyer in her early 50s, newly married to a man she adores.  She’d just moved from New York but lost the job she thought would support her.  Laura’s new husband is an actor/writer, and he wasn’t finding work.   So it was all on her.  She felt overwhelmed and so depressed that she couldn’t get off the couch.

Here’s what she wrote on her intake form: Depression, difficulty dealing with significant life changes, newly married, aging parents, relocation, and menopause.

That’s a lot!

She told me that her father was a civil rights worker, and her rebellious Jewish mother fell in love with him in the ‘60s when they worked with Martin Luther King in Mississippi, registering voters.  The famous Freedom Riders!  But falling in love with a hero-soul isn’t always the best choice, so her mom pretty much raised her alone.

As I listened, I smiled and thought, “Wow! What fabulous DNA!  Warriors on both sides!  I need to help her find her power!”

So I said, “I don’t do complaining therapy.  I do Warrior Goddess Therapy.  Would it be okay if I turned you into a Warrior Goddess?  We’ll reframe this into a journey to get what you want out of this incarnation.  That way, you’ll see your problems as challenges, and you’ll learn ways to free yourself.

And she said, “I’m so ready!”  Over the months I worked with Laura, she did all the homework.  She listened to the books I suggested; she showed up for her appointments, took hints on hormones, and got happy.  So when she called last week, and she said, “I just got a great new job!”  I knew she’d connected with her inner Warrior Goddess.  Laura fought for her life, and she won!

Why did I write this today? As I write, it’s Earth Day (that would be Mother Earth Day!) and because everyone has access to their own Inner Warrior Goddess.

I’m not making that up, either.  The cover of this month’s issue of “National Geographic History” says:  “Amazons:  Women Warriors of the Ancient World.”  My people!  Pictures of Warrior Women fill page after glossy page with stories of many ancient cultures where women warriors fought alongside men.  For years, archeologists assumed that the skeletons found buried with honors and weapons were male, but new DNA findings proved them wrong.  Fun reading, and for me, it provides scientific proof of what my clients see when they find themselves as Women Warriors in past-life regressions.

In those ancient cultures, the Scythians, for instance, women were treated equally.  Women trained to fight from childhood and were thus treated with respect.   A book I read in my early 20s, “When God Was A Woman,” by Merlin Stone touches on the Goddess Worshiping cultures of ancient Mesopotamia.  She discusses how having a female deity affects the culture and ways women view themselves, their place in the world, and the earth itself.  It changed my point of view completely.  I hadn’t realized that I’d just assumed God was a male.  So in one fell swoop, I shifted.  And decided that my God was a Woman, and that changed everything.

So now, what if instead of having a Zeus-like god, who thinks it’s okay to abuse Mother Earth, suck out all of her oil, pollute her oceans and despoil the air, we had a Goddess Worshiping culture?  Wouldn’t that bit of reframing and a step in the right direction?

Who knows?  Warrior Goddesses need to take action.  And maybe that’s what this virus will inspire all of us to do:  take small steps that can begin to heal ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet.

If you need help accessing your own Warrior Goddess self, or your Spiritual Warrior (for my guys), please give me a call.  (323) 933-4377.
I’m seeing clients by Zoom until it’s safe.

Sending you love,

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