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What Happens When A tinder Hookup…

Stephanie and Dan Riseley

What Happens When A tinder Hookup...

…Turns Out To Be A Long-Lost Lover?

Kerry, a wild-haired beauty, who looks 32 but is 43, came to me a few years ago and did lots of healing work. She called me last week because something weird and amazing had happened. That didn’t surprise me because her life is one huge roller-coaster of challenges. An E-ticket ride — all of her regressions are wildly challenging. She sticks Kleenex in her ears during her regressions to catch her flood of tears.

When I jokingly say to my clients, “I should put up a huge neon sign with an arrow over my house saying: Purple Soul Reclamation Center,” I’m thinking of Kerry and my other wild Adventurous Souls.

Kerry’s childhood would make most people shutter, but “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is her motto. In regression therapy, she released the buried childhood trauma that blocked her from doing her “soul work.” She’s from a Soul Group whose job is to get people to have fun and enjoy the roller-coaster ride they choose. Purple Soul Party People is what I call them.

“You won’t believe what happened,” she said.

“I’m sure I will,” I said since nothing surprises me anymore.

“During Covid,” she said, “I had to keep on working, traveling, but David could work remotely, and because he was so paranoid, he insisted I go to our ranch. That worked for me because that’s my happy place. But unfortunately, while I was away, David hooked up with his yoga teacher, so we called it quits after ten years.

“I felt so relieved. Free. So to clear my palate and cheer myself up, I thought I’d go on Tinder and find a fun fuck. I did! I found Tommy, a handsome, intelligent, dark-haired young man who seemed too good to be true. We clicked.

“One night, in the middle of our steamy, fun sex, I looked down into his face, and it wasn’t Tommy at all. He turned into a completely different person. Blond, powerful, with blue eyes that broke my heart. I filled up with this intense feeling of love and loss. The pain in my heart hurt felt like a twisting knife. I rolled off of him and started to cry. I couldn’t control it.

“Then Tommy started to talk. He said, ‘Wow. I see it too. You are my wife, Alysia, and we have a love most people just dream about. We have two beautiful children. But I’m dead now. I was betrayed; I was killed. You won’t let me comfort you! You won’t let me in!’

“We talked all night, and we both saw it. It broke us open. But I couldn’t do what I do with you for myself,” she said. “Which is to ‘float above,’ and find the meaning of all this pain.”

Kerry then read my pages and pages from her journal about that life. Steamy, passionate love.

“Wow!” I said, “That could be a bodice-ripper. Let’s see what your Soul Lesson was in that life.”

When we did the regression, Kerry described a life filled with luxury, possibly in Macedonia during the Peloponnesian wars. She and her General husband were both from wealthy families, and they had known each other their entire lives. She spotted him at an archery competition when she was twelve, and he was sixteen. She loved him immediately. But as we got deeper into the regression, Kerry saw a bronze statue of a warrior on a horse.

“That’s what I wanted to be,” she said. “I wanted to be a warrior. But I was a girl. So I married a warrior. And when he died, I didn’t just lose him; I lost my own life. I was so angry and resentful. I was only 32, and now I was just a widow with no social standing. No work. No power. I dropped into this black depression. Nothing mattered. I ignored my children.”

“Let Alysia die and float above,” I said. “To the In-Between.”

When she went to the In-Between, I asked Kerry to become Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War, go back to her former self, Alysia, and become her coach. Kerry is a business coach herself, and as Athena, she essentially slapped Alysia upside the head and screamed: “Snap out of it! Look around! Look how lucky you are! You are not the only widow. You can help others by your example.”

It worked! Alysia heard her.

“Then I told Kerry to tell Alysia that she would meet him again.” We followed through with an “Alternate Past Life” regression where Alysia died proud, which is her soul purpose, to die proud and used up!

Past Life Lovers show up to all of us. When I first met my husband, Dan, I recognized him immediately. I was 42, and he was 49. When we made love for the very first time, I got up on my elbow, looked into his huge brown eyes, and said, “I knew you were out there! What took you so long?”

I tell the story of my own long, lost love in my book:

“Love From Both Sides”: A True Story of Soul Survival and Reincarnation.

If you want to hear me read the first four chapters, here’s the link:

After my husband died, he came back, ethereally, and chatted. He had sex with me and then pushed me into the work I do now. I didn’t choose this work; it chose me. So I became a hypnotherapist, studied with Brian Weiss, MD, and found my passion and soul purpose — to help others get healthy and happy.

If you need help finding your own passion and purpose, please call me.

If you need help with changing your mind, your brain, and your habits, just give me a call. (323) 933-4377

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