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Your Purpose

Your Purpose Won't Blaze Across the Sky in Neon Lights & Fireworks

It Will Come as a Soft Whisper…

Most of my clients are in their 20s and 30s navigating through some pretty rough waters.  That’s why they reach out to me – they want to know their own soul’s purpose.  And they want to know it now!  They want it to be written across the sky in neon lights.  They expect that their true life’s purpose will explode in a blaze of fireworks.

And I understand completely, because I too was once in my 20s and 30s, stumbling along, making huge mistakes as I went.  I think that’s why I’m so good at my job.  I’ve made every mistake that can be made, and it wasn’t until I was 54, when my husband died in my arms, leaving me $180,000 in debt, no insurance, no retirement, nothing that I had no choice but to be fearless.  And my purpose revealed itself.

Looking back, I see that every mistake I made; every wrong step I took was the perfect step.  For instance, when people ask:  “Why did you drive a cab for seven years?”  I think:  To toughen up the girl from Toluca Lake and let her see the poverty in Harlem, The Bronx, and Brooklyn.  (In the ‘70s, the Bronx looked like a war zone.)

So, how will you find your purpose?  Pay attention to what you love, and walk fearlessly forward it.  But be practical.  Take the jobs that don’t seem ideal, because you never know who you might meet or what you might learn.  Years ago, when I was a struggling actor, I took a job at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA.  That job gave me essentially a Ph.D. in psychology, without having to pay $200,000 for it.  And it’s the foundation of the work I’m able to do now to help people heal.

So instead of searching for your purpose, try asking yourself:  How can I serve?  How can I make a difference?  And then listen to your inner knowingness, and it will give you answers.

Get quiet, and you will hear whispers from your soul and get nudges from your gut.  Then proceed with courage!

If you need help (and successful people always get help!), please call me.

Sending love,


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