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Stop being addicted to Negative thinking

Why We Get Addicted to Negative Thinking & How to Get Free From It!

People call me to get help for serious addictions — Smoking, Alcohol, Porn, and Gaming, to name a few.

But is being “addicted” to negative thinking a thing? You bet!

Just listen to what people say to you and each other, or look at the Tweets that inflame your brain. But you keep following, right?

When friends call, do you listen while they download their anxiety, fear, and anger?

Do you act as a receptacle? Nodding, and perhaps saying, “Oh, that’s so awful!” But then do you feel as if someone’s just pulled the plug on your energy – zapped you?

If so, Welcome to Energy Vampire Central! You’ve been bled of your happiness!

Don’t get upset. There’s a way out!

It’s easy to get addicted to negativity because of your brain wiring. Don’t blame your friends or yourself. Humans have a predisposition to focus on the negative because it’s a survival mechanism of the brain. And your fabulous brain wants to make sure that your eyeballs, your ears, and your other senses have noticed that a potential threat exists and that you can escape. Flight, Fight, or Freeze!

But once you become aware of your thoughts, and realize that you are safe, you can calm yourself down. You can get free the negativity that steals your joy, and robs you of life-energy.

How? Focus on everything that makes you happy.

Then if something or someone doesn’t bring Joy into your life, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Begin to take responsibility for your own life. Stop blaming things, situations, and especially other people.

You get to choose your thoughts, yes? So take control.

Happiness is not a destination – it’s a choice. Choose Freedom from Negative Thinking Now!

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can help free you.

If you need help in changing your negative thinking and want to get free, give me a call.

Sending you love,

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