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Love Creates Healing

Love Create Healing

When you feel loving...

…you experience more aliveness, expansion, and renewal

Love makes you feel as if you’re flowing with the universe rather than resisting it.  If you catch a bad cold, like I did last week, you could complain to yourself (just like I did!), or you could use a better, more effective technique.  You could stop.  You could rest.  You could do loving things for yourself and you will get better.  Just pay attention to what your body needs to heal and then do that.  When you love and honor your body, or as I say to my clients, “Take extreme care of yourself,” you can raise your vibration and your body will heal faster.  All those 120,000 trillion cells know that you love them!  Hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious mind and that helps the healing.  If you’re one of my clients, just listen to the MP3s I’ve made for you, and remind yourself of your own power!  If you’re not a client, download a healing MP3 from my website.  They work wonders!  

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