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Walk in the Direction of Joy

Walk In The Direction of Joy

Walk in the Direction of Your Joy!

Find things that make you happy, write down one thing that brings you joy, and then do it!

One of my young, creative (and stuck!) clients is reading my book, Love From Both Sides, and she’s taking notes. She sent me a text last night, and I want to share what she wrote: “It’s a new day! Get up and get moving! Get dirty! Just do your best! You don’t have to be perfect!” She wrote those on a notepad and said that she’d read them every day.

I suggest putting them on bright pink post-its and put them on your mirror. Hypnotize yourself into enjoying being you! You’re the only one who can be you, so why not have fun?

If you need help in getting unstuck or unblocked, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, Awareness Therapy and Past Life Regression can help. Please give me a call, okay?

Love, Stephanie

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