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Want More Abundance in Your Life?

By November 14, 2019November 18th, 2019Abundance, Awareness Therapy, Happiness, Hypnotherapy, Joy
Want More Abundance in Your Life?

Want More Abundance in Your Life?

Be Grateful in Advance!

Most of my clients come to me in crisis, and they need help, and they need it now!  Since most of my clients are young, they’re flipped out and frightened about what the future holds for them.  They obsess about their troubles, and because of that, they fire up their nervous systems and make themselves crazy!

They’re not alone!

Don’t we all do that?  Don’t we focus on what’s wrong and forget about all the good?  Of course we do because that’s the way our brains function.  But how, you might ask, can I get out of this “looping negativity?”

Mindful Awareness Therapy, coupled with Hypnotherapy, not only changes your brain, but it changes your body’s chemistry.   So you can get control!

I have a new, young client, beautiful, 27, who just happens to be a psychiatrist.  In our first session, when I asked her to “only eat while you eat,” and to pay attention to her inner monologue, I could see that she didn’t think it would work.  But because she’s a scientist, she’s a doctor, and she did the homework I assigned, the brain exercises, and when she came back for her second session, she was stunned at how effective they were.  Amazed at how negative her own “inner-monologue” actually was.  And because of that, she can now change it!

So how can you change your own brain?  Be grateful!

For instance, if you’re stuck in traffic, instead of complaining to yourself, just be grateful that you have a car.  Be grateful that you’re not riding a donkey to your destination like generations before you.

If, this holiday season, when you have to fly to Michigan, New York, or Peoria (I’m sorry!) and you get stuck on the tarmac for 40 minutes, don’t complain.  Focus on how fabulous it is that you don’t have travel months in a covered wagon.  You’re flying like a bird!  Amazing, right?  Think about it, and stay in gratitude.  Force your brain from “poopy brain to puppy brain” and your chemistry changes immediately.  That’s brain science.

And you can take it one step farther.  If you want more abundance in your life, get a pen and paper and write a Thank You to the Universe for what you want to receive.  It works!  But like everything, you have to do it!

If you need help in re-programming your own brain and opening to appreciating your life, Past-Life Regression Therapy, along with Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy work wonders.

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